Hobby Flora Stone 1

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Hobby Flora Stone 1

Natural looking and deceptively real looking aquarium artificial plant.

The self-standing artificial plants with decorative ceramic base are particularly suitable to beautifully design the aquarium, even if there is little or no substrate.

If you place several Flora Stones next to each other, a very natural appearance is created.

The lifelike plastic plants move with the water flow of the aquarium similar to natural plants. In this way, they provide the aquarium fish with hiding places and orientation points for their territorial formation.

Particularly suitable for perch or cold-water aquariums or when stocked with animals that eat real plants.

Tip: To prevent algae problems, always integrate some natural plants in the aquarium.

Plants have no effect on water quality and clarity. They are completely harmless to all aquarium inhabitants.

Size: 4 x 13 cm

Content 1 Flora Stone