Aquael Simple Cabinet 80 (White)

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Aquael Simple Cabinet 80 (White)

Interior design is currently dominated by minimalism and the pursuit of forms that are perceived as simple and light. This trend does not stop at aquaristics. Here, open tanks without a cover have come into fashion, giving the impression that "the water hangs in the air".

There is also a great demand for white aquariums, which make rooms appear brighter and flooded with light, creating a feeling of freshness.

However, a modern aquarium set is not enough, you also need an elegant cabinet that fits well with the tank.

Aquael would like to present you a product novelty - our Simple Cabinets aquarium cabinets. They are designed for small aquariums and medium-sized tanks with straight front glass and are available in sizes 60, 75 and 80 cm in black and white.

Their extremely simple structure makes them very light and easy to assemble.

Their minimalist style fits perfectly into modern interiors. They fit both in elegant living rooms, as well as in children's rooms. All models have appropriate test certificates certifying their strength, and in comparison with conventional furniture they have a significantly greater resistance to water penetration.

The shelf in the cabinet base is perfect for storing fish food and aquarium accessories.

Color: White
Size: 80 x 35 x 72 cm

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