Tropical Sanital with Aloe Vera

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Tropical Sanital with Aloe Vera

Multipurpose aquarium salt with aloe vera.

Sanital is a specially developed aquarium salt for prophylactic use and preparation of baths for fish after transport and throughout the acclimation period.

Active substances accelerate recovery and treat ionic disorders caused by unfavorable environmental factors.

Aloe vera accelerates the formation of new epidermis and stimulates the immune system.

The liquid blue UV filter gives the water a sky blue color and prevents algae growth.

Sanital should be used after every water change.

It is safe for the environment and all aquarium inhabitants.

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prophylactically - at each water change in a normal aquarium - 2 level teaspoons to 50 liters of water;
quarantine period in an aquarium without substrate, biological water turbidity - 4 level teaspoons to 50 liters of water.