Tetra AlguMin

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Tetra AlguMin

Algae in the aquarium do not look pretty and can impair the growth of aquatic plants and have a long-term negative effect on the biological balance in the aquarium.

Tetra AlguMin effectively combats all types of algae and is gentle on all aquarium inhabitants, plants and microorganisms if the product is used as directed.

The liquid formula enables rapid algae control, as the highly active ingredient intervenes directly in the algae's metabolism and thus effectively prevents algae formation.

The immediate release of the active ingredient and the optimum distribution of the active ingredient in the aquarium water support rapid algae control with Tetra AlguMin.

The aquarium water is not discolored during use. Tetra AlguMin is suitable for all freshwater aquaria. During use, the aquarium must be aerated, e.g. using a Tetra APS aquarium air pump, to ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen. Dead algae should preferably be removed mechanically with a net, as they have a negative effect on the water quality.

To prevent new algae growth in the long term after use, the algae nutrients phosphate and nitrate should be reduced, e.g. with Tetra EasyBalance.

Special anti-algae products can also be used regularly as a preventative measure, such as Tetra Algetten for aquariums up to 40 liters or Tetra AlgoStop depot for medium and large aquariums, which release the active ingredient slowly.

  • The active ingredient is released immediately and ensures a rapid effect
  • Optimum distribution of active ingredient thanks to liquid formula
  • For all freshwater aquariums
  • 100 ml are sufficient for 200 liters of aquarium water
  • 250 ml are sufficient for 500 liters of aquarium water
  • 500 ml are sufficient for 1000 liters of aquarium water

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Use algaecides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.