Aquael Versamax FZN-1

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Aquael Versamax FZN-1

This cascade filter (continuous flow filter) combines the advantages of internal and canister filters, which means that it is easy to install, universal and powerful.

They are perfect for large and small aquariums from 10 to 300 liters.

Especially for nano tanks Aquael presents a novelty - the mini filter Versamax FZN Mini.

Components of the standard package:

Each package contains a filter lid, a flow-through unit and a container for filter media with a sponge cartridge.

The Versamax filter is absolutely watertight, as the entire container is made of one piece.

How it works:

Hang the filter on an aquarium wall so that the suction tube is inside the tank while the pump body is outside the tank.

When starting up, fill the filter tank with water and plug the connecting cable into the socket.

Shortly after activation, a properly installed filter will draw air from the suction system and begin pumping water out of the aquarium.

The pumping rate can be adjusted in a wide range with a knob on the top of the flow unit.

The pump draws water from the aquarium, then the water flows through the filter cartridges and is finally discharged back into the aquarium.

The filter flow rate can be adjusted with the dial on top of the flow unit. The angle of inclination of the filter is also adjustable.

The Aquael Versamax Mini is designed for filtration of water in nano and shrimp aquariums, as well as other tanks with 10 to 50 l volume.

It effectively aerates, increases the oxygen content in the water and causes a gentle movement on the water surface.


Versamax Mini in this version (as well as other FZN filters) is not shrimp safe. To make it shrimp (and baby shrimp) safe it is recommended to attach a suitable sponge filter to the intake basket. This is also advisable, for example, when operating in fighting fish tanks, because this prevents the fins from being sucked in.

The Aquael Versamax Mini is delivered without sponge. This in case of need please also order!

Technical data:

Power consumption: 7.2 watts
Flow rate: up to 500 liters/hour
for aquariums from 20-100 liters
dimensions: 16 x 13 x 22,5 cm
2 filter chambers

Content 1 piece