Aquael Fan Mikro Plus internal filter

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Aquael Fan Mikro Plus internal filter

Internal filter Fan is designed for cleaning and aeration of water in aquariums.

Thanks to the specially selected sponge sitting on a perforated pin, it is particularly resistant to contamination and does not require frequent cleaning.

The protective plastic container retains coarser debris, ensuring efficient filtration of the water in the aquarium tank for a longer time.

The Aquael Fan internal filter is easy to install and is uncomplicated to operate.

The specially designed chamber for the filter media prevents water from running out of the filter into the aquarium tank during water changes, which must be performed at certain intervals, or when the filter is removed from the tank, e.g. to wash out the sponge.

The sealed rotor chamber ensures powerful, quiet operation with relatively low power consumption.

In addition, the model variant of the internal filter Aquael Fan Mikro can be used even in very shallow water with a depth of 2 centimeters and more, which makes it excellent even in the smallest water terrariums.

Very convenient is the possibility of flow control of the Fan internal filter, which is not given in other devices, without the need to reach into the water with your hands. The dome with the ergonomic toggle handle can also be located above the water level.

The direction of the water outlet can be regulated in the range of 75°.

Power consumption: 4 watts
Flow rate: up to 250 liters/hour - for aquariums up to 30 liters
Dimensions: 47 x 67 x 97 mm

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