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Aqua Nova Background Roots - Water

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Aqua Nova Background Roots - Water

2 motifs in one

High-quality foil - removable without leaving any residue.

Spray the glass lightly with a mixture of water and, if necessary, some washing-up liquid. Put the film on it and with a squeegee, ruler, credit card or similar. Air bubbles and excess water to the edge out.

If you like, you can fix the edges with tape (but it is not really necessary).

Our tip: It is best to order the Hobby Fotofix - back wall adhesive, which was specially designed for the application of back wall films.

If the film is too large, it can either be cut to the correct size beforehand or you can cut off the protruding sides with a sharp cutter knife after attaching.

Note: The product images each show a section of the image. The films are cut from continuous rolls and are offered in various sizes. The section shown in each case can therefore of course differ slightly from the product image.

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